Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center Survey

You are invited to be in this research study because you have purchased tickets for, or attended, an event at the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center (OLPAC) in Brookings, South Dakota. You must be age 18 or older to participate in the study. The information in this consent form is to help you decide if you want to be in this research study. Please take your time reading this form and contact the researcher(s) with questions if there is anything you do not understand.
Why is the research being done? The purpose of the research study is to learn about your experiences as an attendee at an OLPAC performance or event.
What will I do in this study? If you agree to be in this study, you will complete an online survey. The survey includes questions about your experiences at the OLPAC and a little bit about you. The survey should take you about 5-10 minutes to complete. You can skip questions that you do not want to answer.
Can I say “No”?  Being in this study is up to you. There are no penalties or consequences of any kind if you decide that you do not want to participate. You can decide not to participate in this research, or you can start and then decide to leave the study at any time, and it will not be held against you. To do so, simply exit the survey. Any data collected up to that point will be used. Once you submit your survey, we will be unable to extract anonymous data from the database.
Are there any risks or benefits to me? We believe there are minimal risks associated with this research study; however, a risk of breach of confidentiality always exists. Your confidentiality is only as secure as your equipment; no guarantees can be made regarding the interception of data sent via the Internet. Your IP address will be collected. We do not expect you to benefit from being in this study. 
What will happen with the information collected for this study? This survey is hosted by QuestionPro who may use the data you provide according to their user privacy agreement, available here: https://www.questionpro.com/help/privacy-policy.html Data may exist on backups or server logs beyond the time frame of this research project. All information will be kept on a protected computer only accessible by the research team. The results of the research study may be published, with data aggregated.
Who can I talk to if I have questions? If you have questions about this project or if you have a research-related problem, you may contact the lead researcher, Dr Pat Crawford at 605.688.4103 or pat.crawford@sdstate.edu.  If you have any questions concerning your rights as a research subject, you may contact SDSU’s Research Integrity and Compliance Officer at 605-688-5051 or sdsu.irb@sdstate.edu.
Statement of Consent
By clicking “I agree” below you are indicating that you are at least 18 years old, have read this consent form, had any questions answered, and agree to participate in this research study. Please print a copy of this page for your records.
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